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Alternative Oslo Tour

Let’s imagine that you have already  walked around Karl Johan and visited Town Hall… Do you want to see real Oslo? You definitely need a guide to see night life of the city. Because there’s no other way to find places where local Norwegians are partying, as well as closed concerts, art exhibitions and other events. When you take an tour with Dimitri, who is party-goer from St. Petersburg and lives in Oslo for 20 years, you will understand Oslo from other side of it, and what is the most important part, you will see live Oslo, which is incredibly reluctant to reveal its secrets to foreigners. You will see the unusual places and people you might not discover by yourself. Our unique tour will give you an authentic local experience of Oslo underground subcultures, alternative lifestyles and street art  in a safe and respectful way.

Sounds interesting? All tours can be personalized and fitted for your needs and interests, keeping in mind cultural events help on the excursion day. We never make 2 similar tours! We kindly ask you to provide us with information about your accommodation location, age, average budget and your interests.


Dimitri is your guide to alternative Oslo

Minimum duration is 2 hrs. Price for first 2 hrs for 2 pp  1000 NOK / 120€ , each following hour  250 NOK /30€. Additional participants pay 100 NOK /12€. Tour is private and we try to hold max number of participants to 4

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