• Everyone is a Master of his Own Fate

    No matter whether foreigner or local, everybody was on central city street Karl Johan, but only few know who was really the first king of “independent” Norway.Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte (1763 – 1844) , French guy, started his career being a regular soldier in France. Officerships were not given to non noble people, but there are those who appear in a right place at right time. One of them was the first king of Sweden and Norway. He made brilliant career during French Revolution and even got to know closely Napoleon. After Napoleon became emperor of France, he honored Jean

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    Scandinavian Star

    One of the most beautiful monuments of Oslo, though, is situated in the center near the Aker Brygge embankment under the walls of the AkershusFortress, “hidden” from the tourist’s sight. This monument is dedicated to the 158 victims of a fire that broke out in 1990 on the passenger ferry “Scandinavian Star”.So what could have happened on board a modern ferry operating on the popular Oslo–Christianshavn (Denmark) route? The following investigation discovered numerous factors, one compounding another. The sound of the fire alarm was so quiet

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    Evening on Karl Johan

    Inspired by Munch’s “Aften på Karl Johan” –  “Evening on Karl Johan” Italian artist Lucca Bonetti created his own version. It is one of the many other sculptures on Karl Johan street during FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Oslo 2011. In ” Evening on Karl Johan”, Edvard Munch depicts the human condition at the end of the 19th Century, a time of rapid urbanization. The ice sculpture were made from 12 blocks of snow and were transformed into sculptures of humans. The sculptures are located in almost the same spot where

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    Marriage. To be or…?

    At the turn of Oslo Accords between Israel and future Palestinian National Authority in May 1994 a valuable gift from Carter-Menil Foundation was given to Oslo represented by all Norwegian people. The gift was a steel sculpture of Tony Smith with a symbolic name “Wedding” – symbolizing love, harmony and mutual understanding. Unfortunately, the reality appeared to be tragic and this Wedding looks more like a forced marriage.

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    Reserved Dr. Ibsen

    Famous Grand Cafe is fully associated with Henric Ibsen. Since 1891, when Ibsen returned to Norway, during 9 years he was a great attraction of the place. Nowadays one can compare it with a great marketing campaign. Attracted by Ibsen visitors could always find him between 1.20 and 2 pm, and 6 and 7.30 pm. You could set your watch after his habits. Due to a such important client, Grand Cafe made a special armchair where was written “Reserved Dr. Ibsen.” Today he is not coming so often, but try your luck. Who knows maybe he is waiting for you.

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    Dedicated to Wenche Foss

    Only few are honored to be set in stone during lifetime. Moreover in Oslo, where monuments dedicated to women are even more seldom, the monument of Wenche Foss 1917-2011 highlights great love and recognition she earned being actress and public figure. Since her debut in 1935, Foss had acted in many theater, film and television productions. She also was a major figure in the Scandinavian country’s social circles and championed various causes, including promoting cancer awareness and helping disable children. In 2007, for Wenches’s 90 anniversary ,  Queen Sonja of

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