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Where shall we eat #2

The previous version of “Where shall we eat?” was the most wanted information on this site. Over time, some data became …

Find LP vinyl records

Who could expect, but vinyl records are alive . LP makes a great comeback with constantly growing sales. So where can …

Dance Tango in Oslo

Oslo Tango Milonga

Dancing tango is real passion. Once Tango – Forever Tango!
So where can you dance? Check the address list and most important …

Everything about Beer in Oslo

Prices august 2013
New Choice Pub – Grønland 5 – 0,5 l: 39,- kr
Rett Inn Bar –  Storgata 39 – 0,5 l: …

Stay in Oslo

Oslo has topped a list of the world’s most expensive cities for many years. Naturally it is affecting prices for budget …

Download Oslo Map

Planning your tour or just looking for a museum? You are welcome to download high resolution Oslo map.


Free of Charge Museums

Free of Charge Museums

Since 2006  two Oslo museums were united in om;oslo museum. All two deal with Oslo city from different perspective and have …

Oslo Guide 2016

VisitOslo welcoming you by the official Guide for Oslo and surrounding area.
Your Guide to Oslo is free of charge and you …

Free Internet and WC in Oslo

Please click on a flag to get extra information. Updated 1/12/2012.


Oslo Bicycle Maps

Bicycle riding might be a great attraction both for tourist and locals, therefore Oslo municipality produced a really good bicycle maps.
If …