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Jewish Oslo Tour

Is there something like Jewish Oslo? And the answer is „Yes !”

During the tour you will hear about modern Jewish life in Oslo, why Jews moved to Oslo only in mid 19th century, get „familiar” with the first Jewish family permanently settled in Oslo. Usually we are able to arrange a visit in the oldest and unique synagogue of Oslo. If Jewish museum is open it is also a part of the program. The tour is accompanied by stories about events, happened during the Second World War, a Tunisian boy, offered adoption by Norwegian king and many others.

Tour is best combined with “Highlights of Oslo”. Due to the long distance between places of interest, a car required for transportation.

Do you still have any questions? Contact via email or phone + 47 47 25 19 70. Info about guide and references.

Exemplary Itinerary:

Usually the tour is divided in 2 parts: walking and by car. First is a walking part, it lasts 2-3 hrs (3 hrs is advised). It includes all the most important historical places of interest of Oslo city center: fortress, city hall, main street Karl Johan, many hidden corners, where the large groups do not usually appear. Jewish history and places of interest are included. We will visit the deportation monument, stolperstein project and you will get to know many small, but surprising stories, such as: Ben Gurion’ gift for Oslo city. I will show some old pictures related to Jewish Oslo.

Part 2

We will drive to places, located too far to walk. Jewish places of interest: Synagogue (usually I manage to get it open for us), first Jewish cemetery in Norway, Jewish museum.

I advice to visit Vigeland’ sculpture park as well.

Tour lasts 5-7 hours depending on itinerary. Fee for a group up to 6 : walking tour 60€/hr, part 2 involving driving 80€/hr.

If needed, I know a good place to have a short lunch break (no kosher, but vegan kitchen). Don’t forget, I am also photographing my tourists during the tour, so that they have pictures to remind them of their visit.

Obviously lunch and entrance fee to museums are not included to the tour price.

In case it strongly rains, I would suggest to reduce walking part and travel by car.

Contact via email or phone + 47 47 25 19 70. Info about guide and references.

Note: Guide services fees are charged PER TOUR, not PER PERSON. However, there may be a ‘per person’ price component if the tour involves external costs such as admission tickets, etc.

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