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Idea for a Souvenir

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Are you looking for unusual souvenir from Norway? Sure, otherwise how can you proof that you have been in Norway. As a souvenir some take coins. Probably the most popular among them is 1 krone with a hole in it. Here come one more candidate. Last edition of 50-øre coins were produced by Norges Bank in 2011. Majority of coins have a date error: in the date featured on the coin’s reverse (tails side), the last two digits in the year (11) have been reversed (please use a photo as a reference). Out of 10 million coins more than 8 million were produced with the error. Because of the large number produced, the coins will not be of value as a collector’s item, but could be used as a nice souvenir. How often can one has a coin with an error?source: Norges Bank

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