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Who could expect, but vinyl records are alive . LP makes a great comeback with constantly growing sales. So where can you buy LP in Oslo?

Bare jazz: Grensen 8 ( jazz )

Big Dipper: Møllergata 1 ( pop, rock, metall, country, reggae, electronic, world music, folk, garage, prog, punk, blues, jazz, hip hop, industrial )

Cruisin’ records: Kongens gate 2 ( rockabilly, swing, blues, 6oth )

Filter: Skippergata 33 ( hiphop, rap, house, disco, soul, funk, r&b, techno, electronic etc )

Lucky Eddie: Trondheimsveien 63 ( used plates, various )

Neseblod: Rathkes gate 7  ( metal, punk, underground )

Oslo Rockantikvariat: Fredenborgsveien 17 ( 60th, 70 th and 80th )

Platekompaniet: Stortingsgata 22 ( various )

Ringstrøms Antikvariat: Wessels gate 2b (various)

Råkk og rålls: Akersgata 39 ( pop, rock etc )

Shadowland: Storgata 9 ( goth, synth, electronic, industrial )

Spøk og spenning: Helgesens gate 10 (various)

Stein og  jord platebar: Hammersborggata 19 (garage rock, surf, underground, world, metal, folk, psychedelic )

Tiger: Hammersborggata 18 ( punk, metal, underground, alternative )

Vinyl og Sånt: Etterstadgata 11 ( punk, metal, prog, pop )


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