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Everything about Beer in Oslo

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Prices august 2013

New Choice PubGrønland 5 – 0,5 l: 39,- kr
Rett Inn Bar –  Storgata 39 – 0,5 l: 39,- kr
Samfunnet BisletPilestredet 52 – 0,5 l: 40,- kr
StargateGrønland 2 – 0,5 l: 42,- kr
KaikolaOlaf Ryes plass 4A – 0,5 l: 42,- kr


Microbrewery in Oslo

Oslo is not Prague, however produces own beer as well.

1. Amundsen Bryggeri & Spiseri Stortingsgaten 20 Cosy pub with excellent microbrewed beer. Of course they also serve a great variety of beers too.

2. Crowbar & Bryggeri Torggata 32  brewpub with 20 beer on tap, 4 of their own

3. Oslo Mikrobryggeri Bogstadveien 6 The pub serves a wide selection of beer in addition to its own brew – you can get anything from a light lager to a dark stout.

4. Schous Kulturbryggeri Schouskvartalet Great selection of it’s own and imported beers served by skilled personnel

5. Grünerløkka Brygghus Thorvald Meyers gate 30 + Mathallen 14 beers on tap ranging from the English classics to more non-traditional Norwegian and foreign microbrews. Up to 100 different types of bottled beers are also available at any time.

6. Akersberget Maridalsveien 22 In cooperation with the Beer Academy, Akersberget has developed a selection of dishes based on beer and food combinations, a new and exciting topic in the culinary arts.

Bars with a rich beer selection

Bar & Cigar , C.J. Hambros plass 2, Tinghuset

Beer Palace , Holmens gate 3, Aker Brygge

Bonanza, Basarhallene på Youngstorget

Fiasco , Rett ved Plaza og Bussterminalen

Laundromat , Underhaugsveien 2

Café Sara , Hausmanns gate 29

Dr. Jekylls pub , Klingenbergg. 4

Forest & Brown , Niels Juels gate 31

Den Gamle Major , Bogstadveien 66

Gaasa , Storgata 36B

Håndverkerstuene , Rosenkrantz’ gate 7

Internasjonalen , Youngstorget

The Nighthawk Diner , Seilduksgata 15

Olympen , Grønlandsleiret 15

Parkteatret , Olaf Ryes plass

Sidesporet Pub , 2 etasje på Oslo S

Tilt : Badstugata , Rockefeller

Norwegian Beer brands

BrandLocationFactoryAdditional notes
RingnesOsloRingnes Bryggeri, Oslomost popular, belongs to Danish brewery Carlsberg
HansaBergenHansa Brewery, Bergensecond most popular, belongs to Hansa Borg Bryggerier
AassDrammenAass Bryggeri, Drammen
MackTromsøMacks Ølbryggeri, Nordkjosbotnthe northernmost brewery
CBKristiansandChristianssands Bryggeri (CB), Kristiansandbelongs to Hansa-Borg Bryggerier
BorgSarpsborgBorg Bryggerierbelongs to Hansa-Borg Bryggerier, Sarpsborg
E. C. DahlsTrondheimRingnes E. C. Dahls Bryggeri, Trondheimbelongs to Ringnes Bryggeri
TouStavangerRingnes Bryggeri, Oslo
FrydenlundOsloRingnes Bryggeri, Oslo
LundetangenSkienAass Bryggeri, Drammen
GransSandefjordGrans Bryggeri, Sandefjord
ArendalsArendalArendals Bryggeri, Arendal
Nøgne ØGrimstadNøgne Ø Brewery, Grimstad
HaandbryggerietDrammenHaandbryggeriet Brewery, Drammen
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