The second story: Blucher

The second story from series of short stories about ships entering the Norwegian waters in 1940-45, and the fate of people who served on them. Original photos from the Oslo Photo Tour collection were are used for illustration. (first story). For the Germans, Norway was the key to the North Sea, as well as the transit route for […]

The first story: Altmark

The first story from series about ships sailing the Norwegian waters in 1940-45, and the fate of people who served on them. Original photos from the Oslo Photo Tour collection were are used for illustration. Altmark was a German oil tanker and supply vessel. It became famous because of the so-called “Altmark Incident”. After the loss of […]

Americans Try Norwegian Christmas Food

What is actually traditional Norwegian Christmas food? Here comes the answer. Our experts are staff at the U.S. Embassy in Oslo. And these guys have sense of humor 🙂 Video was presented for the first time on 21 of Dec 2015

Bazaar Halls

The halls (Dronningens gate 27) were built 1840 – 59 to improve conditions for a food sales. The architect of the project was Christian Henrik Grosch. Bazaar has repeatedly been threatened with demolition. First time it happened in 1901, when one would construct a new stock exchange building on the site. Collapsing of a real […]


I met Yair for the first time one Shabbat (the Jewish day of rest). He talked about his family’s story- sort of a history of Israel foundation: from early Zionism and immigration to Palestine until the foundation of the State of Israel. He also told me about his collection of watches. I found his stories […]

Oldest airfield in Norway

Kjeller airfield is the oldest continuously operating airfield in Norway and one of the oldest in the world. It was established in September 1912 to serve the Norwegian Air Force. Nowadays the location used jointly by Air force and light aircraft club. Cessna Bird Do Usually its gates are tightly closed, but once a year […]

Provocative House

This house – or rather its gates are so unusual that in 1992 it became the reason for a curious case: German tourist passing by was so shocked, that he was found unconscious on the pavement. The reason was simple. The house was built in a typical architecture style of the Third Reich and the […]

Subtle Humor


    And yet, you have to be a person with a special sense of humor to make a decision to install the group of sculptures united by the common title ”Man with an Easy Hand Movement” (Mann med liten håndbevegelse by Istvan Lisztes). Except that the movement is very much reminiscent of begging and the […]

Tante Ju

  Junkers Ju 52 used to be the Luftwaffe’s workhorse and one of the most popular transport aircraft. Like all airplanes, it also had an unofficial nickname: “Tante Ju” or “Auntie Ju” obtained for its slow-moving. However, it could carry 10-15 people and cargo up to 1000 km away. The ”Operation Weser-Exercise” became the first […]

Present Through the Lens of the Past

parade on Karl Johan

“What the Photograph reproduces to infinity has occurred only once: the Photograph mechanically repeats what could never be repeated existentially.” Roland Barthes What if we merge a photo with the same place where it was once photographed? In this case, we can argue with the great philosopher Roland Barthes about the possibility of repeating once […]