• The Best of Oslo Tours

  • 2,5 - 6 hrs

    Highly personalized tour in historical city center of Oslo and beyond. The tour is a great introduction both for short visit or longer vacation in Oslo.

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  • 2 - 6 hrs

    Join the tour and learn about unique Jewish history in Norway. Jewish tour can be easily integrated with Highlights of Oslo

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  • 2 - 6 hrs

    Mobile phone photographer or pro? Lets look at the city from photographers perspective.

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  • 2,5 hrs  1500 NOK/150€

    Tour dedicated to the years of the German occupation of Oslo in 1940-45. Extensive visual material is used to enrich the experience.

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  • See and Experience Oslo

    Schedule your tour now and explore the city.

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  • Blog

  • &quote;(NOT) an ordinary&quote; Nazi

    I wonder who this person is in the photo, the one on the left, smiles so kindly and looks directly at the camera lens. It seems that he is the center of photography, and everyone else is a kind of framework: among the young soldiers sits an intelligent old man. He doesn't look like a typical Nazi officer at all. For several years, I was interested in collecting photographs taken, as a rule, by German soldiers in Oslo during the years of occupation 1940-45. The vast majority of the photographs I have used as illustration for the tour Oslo during WW2 and the photoproject “Present

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  • Trotsky in Norway

    "In Norwegian history, the Trotsky affair will remain an unhealed wound." Haakon Lee Chairman of the Norwegian Labor Party 1945-69 Lev Davidovich Trotsky is a bright and ambiguous figure of the first and second revolutions in Russia, the closest ally of Lenin, the creator of the Red Army and the Comintern. The list of his achievements can be continued for a long time. After Lenin’s death, a redistribution of power began, during which Trotsky lost his leading position in the Soviet political arena and, in fact, lost to Stalin. The latter, in turn, decided to get rid of the dangerous

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  • Long road to Hurum

    Film based on a true story. In November 1949 airplane with Jewish children has crashed near Oslo. Almost 67 years later a person is traveling from US to the crash sight where three of his siblings lost life. Its premiere is dedicated to European day of Jewish culture 2019. Idea: Rami Kafarov, Filmed by DodoFilm Productions. Duration 21 min. Film in English with Hebrew subtitles.

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