• Jewish Oslo Tour

  • Is there something like a Jewish Oslo? The answer is yes!

    During the tour you will hear about the modern Jewish life in Oslo,  the reason why Jews settled in Norway not earlier than in the middle of the 19th century and getting familiar with the first Jewish family permanently settled in Oslo. We are usually able to arrange a visit in the oldest and unique Synagogue of Oslo. If the Jewish Museum is open, it may also be a part of the program. The tour includes stories about different events, including those that happened during the occupation of Norway 1940-45 , one about a Tunisian boy whom a Norwegian king was offering to adopt, and many others.

    This tour is best combined with another tour of ours, “Highlights of Oslo”. Due to the long distance between places of interest, a car is required for transportation.

    Example of an itinerary:  The tour is usually divided in two parts: one walking and one by car.

    Part 1

    Walking tour in Oslo city center, lasting about 2-3 hours (3 hours is advised). It includes all the most important historical places of interest of Oslo’s city center: the fortress, city hall, main street Karl Johan, and many hidden corners where large groups usually don’t explore. Jewish history and places of interest are included.

    We will visit the deportation monument, the Stolperstein art project, and you will also get to know many small, yet surprising stories, such as: Ben-Gurion’s gift for the city of Oslo. Historical pictures related to the Jewish Oslo will illustrate our tour.

    Part 2

    We will drive (or use public transportation) to places which are located a bit farther away. Jewish places of interest: the Synagogue (I usually manage to get it open for us), the first Jewish cemetery in Norway, and the Jewish Museum.

    It’s advised to visit Vigeland Sculpture Park as well.

    Tour Information

    • Tour is walking or combined by car /public transportation
    • Duration of 3 hrs or longer
    • Cost for a private tour from 580NOK - 60€/h for a group 2-4 persons 

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