• Self guided tour of Oslo 1940-45

  • Welcome to the self-guided walking tour dedicated to Oslo during the war, 1940–1945. You may already know its route: you will walk through the main streets, although you will be looking at them from a completely different angle. You will see life under German occupation. The tour will help you discover echos of the past — where parades, bombings, and assassination attempts took place; how the Germans used main city buildings. Oslo will tell you things unknown even to many locals. 

    The tour starts in front of the Royal Palace, overlooking the entire city center, and ends at the Akershus fortress near by Resistance museum. The length of the route is 2.5 km / 2 miles. A map with explanations and illustrations will help you navigate. Private photos taken by German soldiers were used in this project. It is a wonderful gift or souvenir of Oslo for friends and colleagues.


     Printed brochure

    - size 14x21 cm

    - number of pages 26

    - contains a map +route

    - 12 illustrations

    Price 100 NOK

    including postage in Norway



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