• Photography Tour in Oslo

  • If you are into photography and if it fills a large part of your life, Oslo Photo Tour will provide you with photo tours that will help you combine your hobby with exploring the Norwegian capital. Are you looking for Instagram pictures? You are at the right place! Multiple tour options are intentionally not described here in detail. The main reason for this is to organize a tour based on your wishes. Below you will find information that will help you decide on the content of your tour.

    Shoot. Learn. Enjoy Oslo !

  • Oslo Photo Tour offers highly informative photo tours where you decide what to focus on: the photo or the various tourist attractions. You should immediately ask yourself the following question: ”To what extent do you want the guide to help you with photography?” For example, it can be a real lesson where you will be able to get theoretical and practical information on a chosen theme, or you can walk along a predetermined route where there is something to see, take photos and get information about everything but without ”getting too much into it”. Besides the tours on ”the history of Oslo + photography”, you can book tours that will give you lessons related to photographing architecture, street photography or other themes that interest you. In case of interest, during a photo tour you are welcome to try professional DSLR Canon 5d Mark II.

    Your guide is Rami Kafarov a professional photographer and experienced Oslo guide. Please visit his photo website or Instagram in order to get more familiar with his style. 

    Vigeland Park Photo Tour – People and Sculptures

  • Typical questions:

    1. I am interested. What should I do next? Write to email asking about the possibility to book a tour on the date that suits you best.

    2. What kind of equipment should I take with me? It really depends on what we are going to photograph. I would suggest raising this issue when discussing the photo tour.

    3. Can my friend attend the photo tour? Again, this really depends on what you want. If you are going to take part in a photo lesson, the presence of a person who is not interested in photography to the same extent as you may cause a lack of concentration and a decreased ability to extract useful information. If you choose a photo tour where the historical part plays a major role, while the photography – a superficial one, then the presence of not interested people in photography will not affect the quality and atmosphere of our tours in any way.

    4. And, probably, the most important thing is to tell us what your really want. This must be done as detailed as possible including the possibility to see your work. This is extremely important to us so we can get ready for your photo tour around Oslo.

    5. Never tried a DSLR? You can borrow my Canon 5d mark2 with a prime or zoom lens. Please, let know in advance.

    5. Price 60€/hr (per hour not person) can vary and depends on itinerary.

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