• Photography tour to the surreal world

  • Oslo Photo Tour invites you to visit an exotic destination. For less than 2 hrs drive from Oslo, deep into the forests on Swedish-Norwegian border lies well-hidden abandoned car cemetery. Inside this forest lie 1,000 forgotten European cars from the 50s - 60s, a vintage car collector's dream which has been left to rust. The site is abandoned since the 1990s leaving the forest undergrowth to claim the vehicles. Some of them are covered with moss and trees grow through them, stacked on top of each other or placed side by side. Over the years, the graveyard has become a cultural meeting place for artists and, above all, photographers from all over the world. It's even listed as a touristic attraction.

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  • Tour Information
    • Total duration is about 6 hours. Journey to the location takes approx 1 hour 50 minutes in each direction and 2-3 hours at the spot
    • Transportation to the location is by Tesla Model 3
    • Number of participants is max 4
    • The cost of the trip is 500 € per group, regardless of number of participants. The price includes transportation, snacks and a guide
    • Complimentary snack in the form of grilled fish with a side dish will be offered
    • There are no additional expenses during the trip
    • It is strongly advised to wear pants and have an anti mosquito spray.
    • In case of bad weather the trip can be cancelled