Oslo apartment design - backstage to a local culture

Interior spaces are about the colors on the walls, the textures on the furniture and an interesting mix of humble materials. This 1915 Oslo Frogner apartment is clean, fresh-looking, and inspires a sense of calm. The owners of the apartment have managed to keep this place bright and open.

The dark wood floor, the beige walls, the fireplace add warmth to the main room. The seating in the main room is made simple and cozy with the placement of the two sofas, in front of each other and away from the walls. The furniture is right in proportion for the room, in terms of the length, width and ceiling height. The big window gives the space a lot of ventilation in summer, and the carpet makes it cozy in winter. 

The focal point of this room is the gorgeous painting which adds color to the otherwise off-white palette of the main room. The designer ceiling light adds interest to the space. A lot of attention has been given to the detailing of the fireplace which also forms an interesting point of focus. Different texture and color of the walls behind the fireplace creates a totally different element around it. 

The living room is vibrant and colorful as compared to the formal main room. This room has an informal seating with the use of a day bed and a lounger.




Both the bedrooms are decked out with practical furniture and decorative items. The second sleeping area accommodates a study and a book-shelf. The books we hold onto say something about us and the open book shelf which fits in the alcove acts as an architectural element. The colors used in the two bedrooms are very calming.



The big warm kitchen offers great comfort and functionality to the owners. The big L- shaped working platform, open shelving, ample storage with sleek and simple hardware and classic wooden flooring make it easy to work in and easy to love. The simple dining area is brightly lit by the big window opening. The 8-seater dining table is sleek but with enough detailing to make it look and feel classic. The apartment is an example of a simple, clean and functional home. The colors used in this home are absolutely divine. It is the home where anybody would want to retreat to, after a busy day at work!


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