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I really enjoyed my time with you and learning about the not-well-visited areas of Oslo. It was exactly what I was looking for and thank you so much for putting it together for me. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who wants to see the ‘other’ Oslo. Best of wishes!
private oslo tour
Ann & Bob
Your walking tour was a highlight of our trip, something we’ll be sure to note on Cruise Critic when we return. Yours,
jewish oslo
Hi Rami, We are safely back in Toronto and recovering from our jet lag. Our hearts and minds are filled with memories of beautiful Norwegian fjords seen during our cruise. This result was fully expected – after all that’s why we went to Norway.
What was unexpected was the wonderful Shabbat and Sunday we spent in Oslo. We had been warned by friends that Oslo was expensive (true) and that it was a cold uninviting city with nothing to see (not true). Rami you showed us what a beautiful city Oslo is. Before we ever met you, you asked questions about us, about what interested us and what we would like to see. You listened to our information, did research and planned a wonderful customized tour just for us. You came to see us in the hotel before Shabbat and gave us an Oslo orientation with suggestions where to walk on Shabbat. On Sunday you chauffeured us to the synagogue, and took us on a wonderful walking tour showing us a mixture of pure new Norwegian architecture (the Opera House) as well as historic Oslo with a tour of the fortress. You incorporated our Jewish interest with information and stops related to the Holocaust. And when you had already exceeded the planned tour, you took us on a personal driving tour to places that we would never have been able to get to in our short visit, and showed us things beyond walking distance that would have taken us several days to accomplish on our own time. Rami, we had a wonderful time and tour with you in Oslo – you made our visit in Oslo special going far above what was expected. Thank-you!!!
Many thanks for the photos, a great tour on Friday, and a very interesting time on Shabbat. I really enjoyed the service and the lunch at the Chabad Rabbi’s house. Many thanks.
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Rhonda & Alan
New York
Thank you for a most enjoyable tour of Oslo. We really enjoyed meeting you and loved the pictures you took of us. Please don’t hesitate to call if and when you visit New York. If you need any recommendations we will be happy to comply. Thank you again.
Jia Thompson
JIA’s Dream Tours California
We enjoyed your tour very much, you’re so kind and thoughtful! We had very good memory of your beautiful city and your nice company! Thank you for sending the pictures, you’re a great photographer and a fantastic tour guide! All the best from California!