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Highlights of Oslo

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Oslo Walking Tour would be the best option for you to see the main sights of Oslo and to discover the city history. Duration from 2 hrs

Oslo during WW2

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Back in the time to the 1940´s, where the Nazi-German forces had occupied Oslo. A must tour for every lover of WWII history.

Jewish Oslo tour

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Join the tour and learn about unique Jewish history in Norway.
As a tour guide and member of Oslo Jewish community I have a lot to share with you.

Oslo Photo Tour

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Are you into photography and if it fills a large part of your life, we are providing photographer friendly tours that help you combine your hobby with exploring Oslo.


Что говорят наши клиенты.

I really enjoyed my time with you and learning about the not-well-visited areas of Oslo. It was exactly what I was looking for and thank you so much for putting it together for me. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who wants to see the ‘other’ Oslo. Best of wishes!


Your walking tour was a highlight of our trip, something we’ll be sure to note on Cruise Critic when we return. Yours,

Ann & Bob

Hi Rami,

We are safely back in Toronto and recovering from our jet lag.

Our hearts and minds are filled with memories of beautiful Norwegian fjords seen during our cruise. This result was fully expected – after all that’s why we went to Norway.


Many thanks for the photos, a great tour on Friday, and a very interesting time on Shabbat. I really enjoyed the service and the lunch at the Chabad Rabbi’s house. Many thanks.


Thank you for a most enjoyable tour of Oslo. We really enjoyed meeting you and loved the pictures you took of us. Please don’t hesitate to call if and when you visit New York. If you need any recommendations we will be happy to comply. Thank you again.

Rhonda & Alan

We enjoyed your tour very much, you’re so kind and thoughtful! We had very good memory of your beautiful city and your nice company! Thank you for sending the pictures, you’re a great photographer and a fantastic tour guide! All the best from California!

Jia Thompson