Oslo Riddle

Guess what it is? Need a hint? It is a part of installation … Ecology.. Clean air.. Oslo

It’s called CityTree and developed in Dresden by Green City Solution. It is free standing urban infrastructure which contributes to the community’s green lungs. CityTree composed of a bench on each side of a green planted wall. The wall has an integrated water tank with automated irrigation system powered by a solar on top. Wind and air pressure generated in the urban space leads air through the wall which captures pollutants. In addition, the various plants attract insects that contribute to community biodiversity.

Chemical processes allow moss cultures to grow without conventional roots. The moss attracts particles (PM) due to its electrostatics charged surface. This allows a daily uptake of  up to 20g/m2 which is converted to bio-mass. As a result of a bacterial film inorganic compounds like salts are absorbed. Particular filter power equal to 275 trees !

The natural capability of plants allows them to fix fine dust, blind aerial NOx and CO2 through metabolism. Vertically cultivated plants can reduce fine dust by up to 30%, independent from the source.

The dimensions of the metal framework are 3.95m x 2.90m x 0.65m, which allows a greening surface of more than 16m2.  CityTree is a free standing installation with a solar panel and rainwater collection system which allows its self-sufficiency.

CityTree was located on Nordraaks square, Oslo. Text taken from installation. Photo by OsloPhotoTour

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