Where is the million buried?

Where is the million buried, one would ask? To be more precise, not only one, but two or three. It has nothing to do with the Egypt Pyramids or Vikings’ treasury. Everything is much easier and closer. On the cemetery, behind the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Gypsy queen Lola is buried.  She decided to take with her to the grave, what we usually leave for our ancestors, gold and diamonds.

There  is another way to dispose the wealth at your old ages. Let me introduce Olav Thon –  90 year old and the richest man of Norway. He is known among the tourists because of the Thon hotels chain named after him . He is an owner of a fortune of 9 billions Norwegian krone. Olav has informed that he is planning to live at least 10 years more and through foundation he distributes at least 50 millions annually for science and other useful purposes.  “I will not take anything with me”.

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